TPs for days when it appears likely Disney will change park opening hours?

Looking back at the historic crowd calendar info, I think the week we are going to WDW Disney is very likely to change the park opening time to 8 from 9 which is what is currently posted. Is there anyway within TP to go ahead and draft plans for the anticipated hours even though they won’t likely change until much closer to the date? Seems I am spending time planning around hours that are likely to change and making reservations based on those plans which I will then be stuck with when the hours change.

Not that I know of. The TP algorithm is based on the officially posted times, and the masters won’t change times until Disney makes them official.

Thanks! Was hoping people much more experienced in this than I am, like you, would know of a way I wasn’t seeing. Oh well! I’ll just be prepared to be flexible :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about it. Get the Touring Plans Line App on your phone. We used it for our trip two weeks ago. You can update your current TP as you go. I checked “done” after each attraction and the plan was recalculated. That way, the plan is able to use the actual wait times for that moment. Sometimes rides were down, so that changed not only THAT ride but increased wait times for other popular rides.

Using that app was a very good thing for people who like to plan.