TPlans and the three levels of crowds at Hogmeade!

Does the TP optimize feature take into account the crowd level for the day AND this funky 3 levels of crowd prevention that IOA does in Hogsmeade?? I’ve optimized and it has me leaving the area b/4 I’ve done everything there. Should I trust that it knows it’s a low crowd day and we will get back in?

I will use the lines app in park, but I’m just thrown off by this crowd prevention protocol, and worry it will screw up my plans.

The return ticket timed entry etc stuff has only been used on xmas day, new years and during the harry potter weekend since DA opened, and even then it only went to stage 1. The second wwohp area reduced the need for it. So unless you are visiting on 1 of these days it will not affect you and even on xmas and NY I think it was for about an hour or something.

Whew! That just took my stress level down! Thanks! Will stick to the touring plan:)

As we say in the new book, crowd control is only used during spring break and Xmas.

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