TPG Articles on Disney

I know, I know, there is no Guide but The Unofficial Guide, and @len is Its Prophet, but I do read other travel info. In particular, because I am a road warrior I pay close attention to The Points Guy as I find that he usually has very good info on maximizing my points value and general travel advice. So sue me…

Anyway, back in September TPG had a “Disney Week” that had a lot of good info. Here are links to the articles:

Note: I like my TP Blog post about this better, but it still is a very good article.


Excited to read!! Thank you!

Thanks! There is some really good info here (but I always prefer your blog). I guess when you compare the price of AK after hours to the price of the tour- it is a good value.

Once again, I am bookmarking a @brklinck thread! Thanks!

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