TP with Park Hopping

We are visiting for 9 days during the very busy Spring Break season (end of March). The crowd calendar is showing 6-10’s in the parks. Our plan is to hit RD, get out of the park around 11-12, Lunch, Rest, return to a park after dinner.

I’m not sure how to handle this with touring plans and FPP. When should we try to schedule FPP’s? Will we need them in the morning if we use an aggressive touring plan that hits headliners first and then as crowds pick up go for less popular rides using FPP’s because IASW, HM, Pooh, etc develop waits of 30 mins in the morning? Or save the FPP’s for the evening park because it’s crazy busy and we will need them then?

(We are not trying to get A&E, Wishes, F! or FoF, Illuminations FPP’s, if that makes a diff.)

Thanks SO much for your wisdom! I know most liners (and smart folks) stay away from WDW during high season, but we are a teachers family, so no dice for us!

I went a couple times over the summer and found this was the best way to do it. Headliners at RD then hit the less popular rides, get out and go back later and use FPP for the second park. Also, going to a park with evening EMH is always great. Lines die down significantly during evening EMH.

As for a touring plan… No idea. I’ve pretty much adapted my own touring plan. :wink:

My gut was telling me the same and thanks for sharing your extensive knowledge! I hope I can visit enough that one day, I don’t need a touring plan to keep me on track! Thanks @MDU

Agreed that saving FPP for afternoon may be better if you RD. You could always test it out w/ a couple touring plans. Late nights could be another window for short waits on more popular attractions

I’m glad you asked this question. We are thinking of doing FPP for our second parks in May. My husband and I will make it for many rope drops, but our adult children will likely opt for sleeping in. We figured we’d save the FPP for the five of us to ride together later.

@Carpenters that sounds like a very good idea! We went last year with my DD25 and her boyfriend (her birthday present) and only made one RD. LOL

I think that’s where we are heading. I started to create some morning touring plans without FPP for a 8 MK day yesterday. Unfortunately, the projected waits for some of the headliners may be wonky right now. I emailed TP and they are looking at them. FYI, she recommended I retry closer to my travel dates…but, but, but…I can think of little else! :smile:

Another question I have is can you even think about getting a 4th FPP to any attraction after you have used/cancelled your first 3 on 7 and higher crowd days? Has this been tested out on 8,9,10’s? if you can, even if it’s for SE and LwL, seems it would be worth it.

guessing it would be helpful to have accurate forecasts as that could help guide your FPP picks (not only the ‘when’ but also the ‘where’). although the trends (peak waiting times for example) probably won’t change much. betting hoping into FPP will be helpful for most (if not all) parks

Agree with MDU; Big attractions right at RD, then less popular attractions as crowds build. Save FPPs for after break - either in same park or a different one. If you want to make TPs, you’ll need to make 2 for each day; one with your pre-breal hours and park and one for your post-break hours and park.