TP Website Redesign - Requesting Room - Split Stay

I can’t get the website to keep showing the second part of my split stay, when I try to do a room request.

I’m staying at Pop Dec 4-9. I originally booked Dec 5-9 Standard Room. Later, I added one more night at the beginning, but I couldn’t get the same room type. I ended up with Dec 4-5 Preferred Pool View.

I have my room request already configured for my first stay, “WDW & Odyssey - 1st night.” I am now trying to create a room request for the second part, “WDW & Odyssey - part 2.”

When I try to use the Room Finder, as soon as I click “Show Matching Rooms” then the trip name changes back to the first stay. Why?? How do I get it to stick??

And as soon as I click the “Show Matching Rooms” the trip name changes.

I don’t want to accidently mess with my room request for part 1.

ETA: The only way the Part 2 would stay was if I did NOT click on the “Show Matching Rooms” button, and simply picked a room and went from there. At least I was able to create the room request, ready to submit. Whew!


Do you have both trips in your dashboard?

They need to be shown as 2 different trips to be able to put in 2 room requests.

Edit: I see you found a work around. Not sure why it was reverting back though.


Yes, both trips are in my dashboard, each with separate name and date range.


Yes, I realised that whilst scrutinising your screenshots. :blush:

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I experienced this same problem. I did eventually get it to work, but not until after it kept configuring the wrong date three times in a row.

Honestly, I am not sure what I did to get it to work. I feel like I followed the same steps…but the last time I tried, it seemed to stick with the second room request.


Oh! I bet this is what I did as well!

So, filtering the rooms seems to cause it to forget which reservation you are configuring, it seems!


@len - This thread discusses a problem that happens with the redesigned website - as seen when using Firefox on a PC laptop. This is the first time I’ve ever had a split stay, so I don’t know how the “before” behaved. TIA

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Oh, wow. OK, thanks for this. Adding it to the issues list.


@len , I feel for you and the team. It seems like we’re just finding more and more issues and things that don’t quite work as we would like. :frowning:

I realise that feedback is useful but I hope you’re not getting demoralised. In the end it’ll all be worthwhile.


I believe this was fixed over the weekend. A couple of people had reported vague problems with the Room Request tool not working, but the details here are great. As it turns out, I believe I resolved this issue (independently of the details in this thread) over the weekend.

Depending on what you did in the Room Finder, the “trip” could be lost (like by applying a filter), and then it defaulted to the most recent trip. I believe a trip should “stick” better during the room request process now. If y’all notice more issues with this, please share details, preferably by submitting a support request (see the link at

Thanks again for your patience and for the excellent analysis of the problem in this thread.