TP Wait Glitch?

Trying to decide which day of the trip to do AK and HS. Strange possible glitch when making a plans for either Monday 3/28 or Tuesday 3/29. Monday 3/28 AK is a 6 and HS is a 6. For Tuesday 3/29 AK is a 5 and HS is a 7. Why would my plans for HS and AK on the lower crowd days have longer waits even when starting at the same time with same attraction? For example, on 3/28 if I start my plan at HS at 3pm and go to TOT the wait is 46 minutes. For same plan on 3/29 (1 point higher crowd) the wait is 30 minutes? Similar issue happening with plans for AK on those days. Any insight as to why that is happening? I was also thinking it would be good to avoid HS on Tuesdays?