TP: Updated Epcot FP Tiers!

Hi! Since the Frozen ride is now set to be in motion in a week, would you mind updating the Epcot FP Tiers on your site? I believe that the Frozen ride in Epcot is a Tier 1, and that others have been shuffled to a minor degree. Also, HS has the Frozen show as a Tiered show, too–I think Tier II, but I’m not sure. Please include this info on your site!!!

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Are Frozen, Soarin’ and TT still all set to be tier 1 as I understand?

Yes, that’s my understanding too.

What about Mission Space? Is it going back down to tier 2?

That was my understanding. TT, soarin, and FEA are tier 1 and mission space went back to tier 2.

Yes, definitely. Within the next couple of days. We were waiting until it got a little closer to the cutover, just in case one of the attractions was delayed opening.

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Hi Len. I have a related question. I know with all of the new openings, crowd predictions are difficult. That being said, we chose to visit Epcot on Sat, 6/25, in part because the crowd level is predicted to be a “4”. I finalized our TP’s about a month ago, and wait times were reasonable. For example, we planned to ride Soarin’ standby at 8:30 PM, when everyone is getting positioned for Illuminations. At that time, TP predicted wait time to be 29 mins. I just re-evaluated the TP a week ago, and wait time jumped to 80mins. I also noticed that all of our “walk times” have increased in all of our TP’s. I have not received any crowd calendar updates. Is this due to a huge increase in predicted crowd levels?

I’m wondering if this blog post will help clarify for you?


We’ve adjusted the walking times for the slowest walking speed, based on feedback that the old value wasn’t quite slow enough.

I’ll ask @fred to weigh in on the wait time changes. I know we were updating models over the past couple of weeks for some of the key rides.

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This is very interesting. Do you use an actual speed, or is it more of a recorded timing thing?

The assumption for the slowest speed is that it’s less than 2 miles per hour, IIRC. (Average is 3.1 mph.)

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I’m still seeing the wrong attractions in the tier groups. I currently have FP reservations for both Mission Space and Frozen Even After, so I know this list can’t be right:
In this group:
Eat to the Beat Concert Series
Frozen Ever After
IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth
Mission: SPACE Green
Mission: SPACE Orange
Test Track

Mission: SPACE is a tier 2. They have it wrong on some pages, I think.

Is Living with Land still tier 1?

No, it’s tier 2. I have a FP+ for Living With The Land the same day I have one for Frozen Ever After.

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That’s nice, I will go back and adjust my TP. Thank you

Hmmmm…which page is this on, @Jpwest? I’ll update it today.

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It’s in the Personalized Touring Plans.