TP timing allotment for pix, bathrooms, etc

Hi Liners,

Y’all have been so helpful in my planning. Thanks so much. So here a TP question. So I have my TPs all laid out. I set it too “relaxed” speed. The steps are pretty much back to back (minus meal + afternoon break).

So how do you allot/account for time spent looking at the photos after a ride, or perusing the post ride gift shop, or taking a picture along the way to the next ride. Do you just keep optimizing as you go along? Kind of play it by ear and see how much you are ahead/behind in plan?

Just seeing how others account for this “diversion” time along.


If I am really concerned about staying “on schedule”, I re-optimize after every attraction to try and get it all in. Usually, I have enough time that the bathrooms and other diversions don’t make a difference. I do, however, put in about 2 hours for Diagon Alley to make sure I get enough time there. Then I put in about an hour for Hogsmeade as well.