TP time submissions

When do I hit “submit wait time”?
At the pre show?
Or ride vehicle?

At the ride vehicle.


It should tell you…

And just for comparison, ROTR has multiple stop points you could use to time, but it makes it clear…


Thank you. I’m trying to help report times today.


…I always forget, or have no wifi or LTE when I get to the ride vehicle :crazy_face:

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That has happened to me a lot too. I try to do the posted time so they at least know that if I can’t submit the actual.

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anyone knows how the time is reported on the chart? If I submit a wait time of 60 mins at 10am will it be charted at 9am when I joined the line (this is the correct way IMO) or at 10am when I submitted it?

This might not make a lot of sense real time but I usually look at the previous day chart to give me an idea of all the submitted wait times.