TP time for Osborne Lights

Hi All! I realize the time spent looking at the Osborne Lights will vary greatly from one person/group to another. The touring plan allots 15 minutes for them. Would this be the time needed if you just walked down the street without stopping to look at anything?

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You will want to spend the 15 minutes and probably longer.

It is AHMAZING. Do not skip by it.

Yes I was thinking an hour originally but when I saw TP said 15 minutes, I was wondering if I was over judging the size of it.

I suppose if you weren’t looking for details, you could easily walk through in 15 and move on.

But 15 minutes feels pretty short to me… We took about 15 minutes when the lights first went on (was very crowded), then went to Fantasmic! and came back to Osborne after. MUCH emptier and we spent more than 45 minutes checking it all out, looking for Hidden Mickeys and that darn cat.

Our kids were 7 & 11 at time, probably could have run around even a bit longer. CMs doing a line dance to the music etc captured our attention for awhile too. We might be an extreme case for hanging around there, but I’d guess somewhere in the middle of 15 and 45 min might be an average look-see for it.

They shut the lights down for night an hour after F! ended I think.

If it helps you get a feel for it, I happen to have uploaded some examples videos of Osborne before and after Fantasmic recently…

Here’s Osborne BEFORE Fantasmic!

Here’s Osborne AFTER Fantasmic!

Agreed 15 isn’t long enough. BTW, you’d need time to just walk through the crowds.

I laughed when I read this since I am pretty sure I walked 10 feet through the crowd in 15 minutes!

We really enjoyed watching them turn on… So we sat and rested for about 30 min prior to them turning on and I would say wandered around and enjoyed them for at least 45 min… Personally 15 min wouldn’t be enough for us… We loved them so much!

If you go for the lighting (highly recommended) it will take you more than 15 min just to walk the length of it due to the crowds. I went twice during my last visit and stayed 45 min both times (and could have stayed longer). If I had it to do again, I’d be there at 5:00 for the oh wow moment of the lighting (and I mean OH WOW!), then go off and do something else for a few hours and come back a half hour or so before closing and enjoy them without quite so many people…