TP says do 7DMT in afternoon

Does that make sense? Or stick with suggestions to go at rope drop? No luck getting FPP yet.

Can you post a link to the touring plan? Answers to a lot of "does this make sense" touring plan questions depend on what else you're doing.

ETA: I don't see an afternoon 7DMT in any of your plans, so maybe this optimization got resolved? Or I could be crazy. Either one possible. smile

It only moved to first if I manually put it there but always moves to later in the day when I optimize. I'm also new to the TP making process, so there may also be a rookie mistake happening somewhere here.

I've added the FPP I managed to get and it's still putting 7DMT in the evening. Follow the TP as is or aim for RD instead? Or do I need to modify my TP somehow?

When you move an item, use evaluate, not optimize.
When you optimize, TP is always going to try and be as efficient as possible for the data it is working with. There is definitely push and pull as you create your plan.