TP Room Request Fax VS Disney Requests

I have three reservations for the fall with my Annual Pass and a CM who knew their stuff straightening out a bunch of issues said, without me requesting, that it was noted that we were all together so that we could be placed near each other on our trip.

Will it be helpful to still send a TP fax or cause confusion?

As long as it is the same info, do the fax! After an issue with a room the person helping me after my stay told me that at times notes “fall off” and they cannot guarantee the info will get to the room assigner.


Sounds good. I will double up, create a total of three faxes (one for each room), and make that my only request. Thank you!

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I would even mention in the fax that you spoke with a CM when you booked the rooms

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Thank you for the extra tip!