TP Room Request Fax Service for CBR

I am trying the TP room request feature for the first time. We are staying at the CBR from 1/16-1/22. I paid for a standard room that sleeps 5 (4 adults and 1 child on the murphy bed). I have found a couple of rooms, either of which I would prefer to get. What isn’t clear to me, is which rooms are available to request that are not an upcharge from what I’ve already paid for. I want to get the best room I can, but I want to be sure that I am not getting charge more for say a waterfront room. The only room type that I am sure to avoid is the “preferred” room, as I have read that these rooms cost like $25 more per night. The room that I’ve requested is 2416.
I am mainly concerned with getting some sort of water view that gets us close to the main pool area next to Old Port Royale.

Are you using the filters in the Room Finder? I just checked and 2416 is a Preferred Room so I would assume that the request would not be granted (although its possible). It looks like 2212 (not sure if it has the Murphy Bed though) might be an option if you don’t want to cross the bridge to get to Port Royale. I would also suggest looking in Jamaica 45 or Aruba 51 if you’re ok with crossing the bridge.

I did not have filters set correctly. It’s not showing 51 or 45, but it is showing 52. So I grabbed 5261 for now. It also shows a couple of rooms in Martinique 22, 2248 and 2252. I’m not sure if one of those would be better.

We’re staying at CBR later this month too and I’ve def been on the Room Finder page a LOT! We arrive Jan 23.

I think 45 & 51 are preferred - at least the TP site seems to think so. I found the views from building 52 quite a bit better than 45 or 51 anyway. :beach: I agree that buildings 52 and 22 look like the best balance of good views and convenient location for non-preferred rooms.

If the exact number you request isn’t available they will probably try to put you close, so if 5261 has several decent looking rooms next door to each other you will probably do OK. It’s totally my speculation, but since Martinique is the only village listed on the room preferences Disney offers on the Early Check In page, I’m guessing those non-preferred Martinique buildings are a popular pick. If there are lots of requests for buildings 21,22,23 then you might have higher chance of getting your exact request in 52.

That is exactly the logic I used for 52 over 22.

We’re either both right, or both wrong… I’m going to go with right.

I suppose there are worse problems to have. :scream:

I would advise either 45 or 51 due to proximity to the bridge. Check out 4553, it appears to have a Murphy. I’ve stayed in 4556 and location cannot be beat. 5261 looks great, but its farther from the bridge and parking lot (if you drive).

I don’t see 4553 or 4556 coming up as open for 1/16 arrival. I would jump at either if it would show as an option.

4553 shows for me on 1/16 arrival, but I’m not exactly sure how TP is going to know what is or isn’t available on a particular check in day. 4556 does not have a Murphy. You may want to give multiple room requests and prioritize them on the TP fax. I’ve had a great success my last three trips with this method.

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TP doesn’t tell you what’s actually available. They can only tell you what rooms meet your criteria. If it’s not showing up in your search it’s because something about it doesn’t comply with your search parameters.

ETA: Sorry, I should’ve replied at @jomassdion. But glad to read that adding prioritized alternatives has worked for you; that’s my plan! Fingers crossed.

It looks like TP sent my fax request over this morning. However I just noticed that they had my original confirmation number on it. The number was changed by Disney several weeks after I booked.
Can I expect that Disney will make the connection between the two? Is there a contact at TP that I should notify to have a revised fax sent? Or will this just create confusion?
Is there a phone number at Disney that gets me to the parties that the faxes are sent to?