TP Room Request Fax - Not working anymore?

I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong to create a TP room request for my upcoming Bay Lake Tower stay.

  • I am a premium subscriber
  • I input into my touring plans my confirmation # at Bay Lake Towers, and dates and all other info.

When I click the “Request Room” tab on the dashboard (just under the name of my Hotel) it takes me to a
“Select your room” webpage listing many categories with drop down menus.

Every time I do a search, it reveals zero results even if I only enter 1 category which is a 2 bedroom - lake view. Occasionally I get 19 results for Studios but still can only see 3 of them anyway

I can’t get near the TP “template” to request a room or let it be saved by the TP system to automatically send 5 days before my arrival.

Is there another way to get to the TP room request template and to have the TP system save and autosend?

Or is the “room request” feature no longer functioning.

I hope someone can help me understand what is not obvious to me. Thanks.

I am going to try to walk you through it. First, set up your trip on your dashboard:

Then go to the map and fill out what you are looking for- unclick TP picks

It will then turn the building red.

Click on that red

Click on the cell

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I always find that its the ticked ‘TP picks’ box that causes the problem.

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