TP review - thoughts

Looking for thoughts & suggestions from those with more experience (realizing that these are not normal times). Our 1st & only trip was in Feb/Mar 2017, but I am an OCD trip planner no matter where we go. Background: family of 4-me, DH, DD15 & DS10. Stay at CSR’s GDT 7/9 - 7/16. Plans are: 7/9 very late arrival, 7/10 MK, 7/11 AK, 7/12 resort day, 7/13-EP, 7/14 HS, 7/15 MK, 7/16 morning resort & late afternoon flight home.

Our 1st trip, I went with the “what if we never do this again? We must do it all!!!” approach. I have promised that this trip will be more laid back. No more than 2 early starts, lots of time to stop & look at things, pool time, and ice cream on demand. My kids were ROCK STARS over the past year+. I’m happy to grant their wish.

All of this to ask you to take a peek at my TPs to see if I am trying to cram too many things in (as I am prone to do), or if these are pretty easy days.

I’ve only gotten MK day 1 & AK day to the point of being happy with it. If y’all think that I’m on the right path with these, I will feel confident going forward with the rest.
Thanks in advance!
ETA - no hoppers
MK day 1 7/10.

AK day 7/11.

That MK day looks pretty crazy busy. I personally would pare that down a little if that’s an option.

The AK day is stacked too but it worries me less.

Also of note I think someone said recently that you won’t be able to see your notes in the app version. So those handy dandy notes about restroom locations won’t help you much if that’s true.

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You can see you notes if you open the plan in your phone’s browser (like today), I am concerned about the MK plan. Are you prepared to drop a couple of steps if you fall behind? The launching pad seems like a short time slot? Usually a break will allow for extra time, but 15 minutes does not give you much?


Thanks for being the voice of reason! :wink:

I thought MK might be too ambitious so I will move some things to our 2nd MK day (it’s why you have 2!). AK day we really only care about FOP, EE, our Y&Y ressie, & KRR. The rest is gravy if we actually do it.

Appreciate you!

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I think your AK plan works.


Thanks. I put the Launching Pad in as a marker/placeholder for the restroom located near there. I had seen someone else suggesting that on another thread to “Build in a minimum of15 minutes every 1 1/2-2 hours” for bathroom/distractions and to give you buffer time. I also have walking speed set to relaxed.

We have a second day at MK so I will drop some things off this one and build them in there.
Appreciate your time!


I think there are only a few places in the MK day that you could fall behind. The first being Space, the 2nd at Big Thunder/Splash, and the 3rd at the end of the night. The plan could work but I would be prepared to drop along the way if I fell behind.