TP Review - 4 Parks 4 Days 6 People Spring Break

I think I finally have my TPs done and ready for FP booking day on Monday - the FPs within are my wish list (realizing FOP and SDD may be hard to get). Would love a review and any comments/advice on the plans. I had to prioritize in order to fit the important things in. Traveling with DH (he and I are mid-40s), DS6 (loves coasters - he is excited he is tall enough for EE this trip at 47.5"), DD3.8 (while technically 3 she is more like a 4 year old and is 40.5" tall - lover of Elsa and Rapunzel - and is excited to try coasters this time), Mother 69, Sister 42. My mom is relatively fit and has kept up on previous trips. We don’t have park hoppers (they give me sticker shock).

We arrive 9:30PM on Friday night, so planning to sleep in Sat and doing a late start half day in Epcot for Day 1. Staying at AoA and renting a car - will drive to all parks but MK.

Day 1 Epcot (CL6)

  • Originally we were going to do MK two days and skip Epcot - I posted about this decision previously, the lure of Elsa (and maybe catching Illuminations before it is gone won out)
  • Also Epcot is a CL6 this day and I liked the idea of having a more moderate crowd day in our plans somewhere.
  • Given the Elsa factor you may ask WHY a TT FP - because we didn’t get to ride TT last trip and TP prioritized it over FEA.
  • I currently have a Garden Grill Lunch and Dinner ADR and haven’t decided which I am using - thus two plans below. I think I am leaning toward dinner because it gives us more flexibility with start of plan.
  • Neither plan has enough free time in it for just doing world showcase stuff IMO - but we may skip some of the rides we did last trip in favor of that depending on how we are feeling that day
  • Illuminations is a question mark as early start to RD EMH next day
  • Lunch Option:
  • Dinner Option:

Day 2 HS (CL9 - EMH)

  • for anyone following along I decided on doing the breakfast after all to meet Doc - doing separate meet and lunch still used 90 min of time and this is more fool proof.
  • Seriously considering skipping Galactic Spectacular due to early RD EMH at AK next day - or having only some adults stay (or go back) for it. This is a tough choice as we did Fantasmic last trip and really wanted to see this too
  • This plan is the only one with Average Walking speed instead of relaxed, with the shows the plan just didn’t work otherwise - hoping we can keep up our pace.
  • Do you think 6:45 is early enough to leave AoA, could I squeak it to 7?

Day 3 AK (CL9 - EMH)

  • I realize I will probably have to change this entirely after I see what happens with FOP FP
  • I was surprised it put Safari before Navi - but when I flipped them it wasn’t as efficient
  • We saw FOLK and Nemo last time, so may flex on those - also why they are later in the day
  • Did ROL last time so skipping in favor of sleep
  • Do you think 6:45 is early enough to leave AoA, could I squeak it to 7?

Day 4 MK (CL9)

  • My kids love parades - a bit aggressive doing that and night shows but built in a decent break (see notes on Epcot above) Figured we can push a little harder since last day.
  • Debating keeping my BOG breakfast, but killing me as I am already skipping a BOG ADR for lunch that I have - but the need for a break won
  • Had toyed with doing EMM this day but not offered anyway - so that decision is made.

Day 5

  • No TP for this but I have an 8am and a mid-morning Ohana ADR and my package included “free” water park tickets. Thinking of doing some combo of Ohana and Typhoon Lagoon before we head to Vero Beach for remainder of vacation (not Disney Resort there - just my Grandma’s house - though we usually go there for a meal at some point)

I feel like that was really long - if you are still with me THANK YOU! And thanks for all of the advice up to this point that helped to build these plans in the first place. It was a little easier to prioritize knowing we’ll be back again in 2020 with my SIL and her family.

Looking forward to your wisdom.

Hi! Wow! Great plans! I think I prefer your Epcot plan with lunch. Mainly because Inthink the Soarin wait is more realistic. Will Safari be opened at the time it shows in your plans? I know it opens early some days, but not all. Maybe someone else has those details? Do you have an 8 BOG on a 9 opening day and you are not going to 7DMT first? That beginning does not make sense to me. At the very least I would always have Big Thunder before Splash at opening.


I don’t think you will get FOP and SDD at the times you want, so I think those plans will need to be adjusted. Get what you can and then modify

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I don’t know how to figure that out but it was open durin EMH during my 2017 trip.

Yes I have PPO ADR for BOG - I thought it was weird too - I think maybe because I already had FP in there it didn’t put it first. I’ll make a copy and take out FP and see what happens.

Yep - fully expecting I’ll need to redo these plans - the question I am asking myself in both cases is if I do get FP at all for those do I get greedy and try to RD them also to ride twice? Decisions, decisions. Lots of pre-trip excitement from the kiddos re SDD - as soon as they saw pic on front of Unofficial Guide they’ve been talking about it :slight_smile:

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And thank you both for taking the time to take a look!!

So - I tried this and it is super whacky - it is putting 7DMT all the way after park close. I forced it first and adjusted ADR so it had me arriving at 7DMT before park open at 8:52 and it is telling me a 35 min wait (so 17 min after open at 9). I am thinking maybe I keep my plan as is - and try to get there and be first in line and could probably do it before heading to Splash or Big Thunder without throwing off the whole plan so much. Then we can ride again with FP later or modify that if no one wants to ride again (which I can’t imagine).

No obligation to actually look at this but I worked out an alternate AK plan with a FOP FP in the PM, and figured out a prioritized list of alternate times should I be so lucky to have a choice. Anyway - here is revised plan: Now onto do the same for HS.

Do you really want to go all the way over the Poly for breakfast? Seems like a lot of travel time for breakfast at Ohana.

This is a really long day for an almost 4 year old. Can your daughter handle this on Day 4 of a WDW trip? Also, I think you are cutting it too close for 7DMT. The wait times an easily be 5-10 minutes longer than expected for each ride and you are only 10 mins from mission the end of the grace period for your 7DMT FP … just be prepared to skip something if you need to so you don’t miss 7DMT.

Yeah - time efficiency isn’t our priority on that particular day. It’s our departure day and we aren’t doing the main parks (might do water park or mini golf since we can do for free). We’ve never been to Ohana and my kids love Lilo & Stitch - so that was my plan. We also have a car so figured it can’t be that bad.

I was just thinking maybe I should try for 10:30FP instead of 10 if I can to help with that. Thanks for pointing that out. Was also thinking I could flip with JoLM (but that does increase JoLM wait) or skip JoLM if we are running short on time because that isn’t a huge priority.

I do also agree it is a bit of an aggressive plan but I have some stuff built in that we can skip if more rest is needed.

Looks like a fun plan. I’d do garden grill for dinner, kids will want to hit up rides first not restaurants especially with a late arrival. Maybe skip mission space for more world showcase time. Have you been during F&G, you’ll want to take time to experience that.

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For magic kingdom day I would consider making fastpasses for 9, 10, and 11. You can then pick up many more fastpasses.

@Tate an extra thank you to you for the comment on my SDD and FOP wishlist being unrealistic - I made second choice TPs with afternoon times for both and it saved me a LOT of panic this morning as I was able to get my Plan B FPs for both - WAHOO!!! And didn’t have to rethink the puzzle of when to get my other secondary FPs as I already had it figured out - especially with the crazy puzzle that it is to fit in show times at both AK and HS.

The only thing I didn’t get that I wanted was 9AM Star Tours - I ended up with 9:20 - I’ll keep trying for the 9 and I’m working on an alternate plan as we speak.


I got my 9am Star Tours :slight_smile: All is well.

Nice work! What time window were you able to get for SDD at 60+2?

I did FOP first followed by SDD - both had FPs from noon-ish on. I chose later afternoon for both due to our PM breaks.

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I was going to say keep checking because except for the headliners I always get the time I want in the end.

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