TP reservation finder

so just got a text that it found a reservation for the restaurant and time i was looking for - went into MDE right away and its already gone ;/ Is there a delay on the text? this is the 3rd time now that is gone even i check right away. Frustrating :cry:

If you go through the link and it shows that it’s gone, try logging into MDE yourself and checking. It may still be there. The thing is, you’re unlikely to be the only person looking for a reservation so it’s perfectly possible that someone will get it ahead of you. But the link only works for the first person and they might not have taken it.

Keep trying and you’ll get it!


Hi @WImom,
I’ve had this happen multiple times, specifically for BoG and Sci-Fi… but persevered and was eventually able to win the ADR Shoot Out! Keep trying… you’ll get what you’re looking for.


ty for the replys - was just venting lol have plenty of time - not going until end of Sept, im fairly confident will get something before then… hopefully!


I’m sure you will!

You will! We even switched things around last minute while there and got what we wanted!


Keep trying I missed one a few days ago and then another one came through later in the day and I was able to get it. Just remember to reset it to active after it finds it for you if you still need it.

It’s happening to me too right now, but stick with it - I’ve had success too!

You have to be super fast. But keep trying. I tried to move BOG earlier. I tried 4 times and got it finally yesterday.

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It happened to me 6 times today, but I finally got one of them! Glad I was off today, otherwise I would still be trying… I wish you the best of luck.

I never knew that! Thanks for the insight.

Preach! I’m a teacher and if I get one before school is out great… if not, it will be my June hobby to stay signed in constantly and pounce on that text message :joy:

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I am not a teacher (I take my hat off to you!), but I do work within a school system and totally get it. I am taking time off and going in May, so for me it is now or never. I will be stalking the site until the last minute to get the reservations and the times I want. Luckily I don’t have a ton to get. Best of luck to you!

“May the Reservation finder be with you!”

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