TP Question: Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

I realize my vacation is still a ways off. However, the projected crowd level for one of the MK days during my visit is an 8 and the other is a 9. Each time I put together a personalized TP for either day, the estimated wait for the PeopleMover is 0 minutes - no matter where it ends up in the plan. I’ve only been to DW once, and that was on a 6 crowd level. We had to wait in line for the PeopleMover for about 30 - 40 minutes in the late afternoon.

Is there something wrong with the calculations for this attraction?

I’d expect to wait about 5 minutes for it unless it’s super early in the morning on an 8 or 9 crowd level. I’ve been on several crowd 10 days and rarely waited even 10 minutes. Waiting 30-40 minutes indicates something is wrong with the ride most likely.

The ride is constantly moving. If you had to wait that long, it probably had been shut down for some reason. I have had to wait as much as 10 minutes, on occasion, but usually there’s not much wait.

Ah, yes! I forgot about the possibility of shut downs or other “something went wrong” issues. It is likely that is what we experienced!