TP Q: How to vist a ride/attraction more than once?

Newbie here–last visit and use of the TPs was in 2010! We have four days starting 25 January 2018, one day per park. I want to use a TP but there are certain rides we will eliminate so we are hoping to do our favorite rides/attractions more than once? Is this possible with a TP? If so, how do I do that? Thanks!

Just add it to the plan more than once! There are lots of rides we do two or three times.

I just realised you are talking about preset plans. You should create your own personalise ones. It’s much easier on the website.

If you are starting with one of the pre-made plans, you can copy it which then makes it a personalized plan that you can play around with to your heart’s content.

Or you can just build your own personalized TP from scratch -

Thank you both! Look forward to adding rides and seeing what happens! I’m not sure how I will get my teens out of bed early enough to take advantage of a full day since the parks close so early, but we will sure try hard.

Cattle prod. Works wonders.

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