TP Optimizes giving me an arrival time outside my FPP reservation...HELP!

Newbie here and my first time planning a vacation using the TP. My trip to Epcot keeps giving me a really odd result when optimizing my plan after adding my FPP reservations. I have a test track FPP for 9:10am and yet the TP keeps telling me to make that my 3rd attraction of the day....telling me to arrive at 10:21am. anyone know a reason for this???
See screenshot attached.....

The touring plan software takes into account the grace period before and after a FPP window where you can still use the fast pass (5min before and 15min after, I think). I'm not sure that there's a way to get around this. Only thing I can suggest is that you change the time of your FPP and make it earlier.

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Just go to your Res on time. No need to follow the plan exactly. Re-optimize as you stray


Thanks for the responses guys, was not aware of the grace period and was just worried there was some kinda glitch in the software

Definitely the grace period. You'll be fine.

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