TP optimized wait times seem too low?

Hi all - I successfully used TP for our trip to WDW a couple years ago. Using again now for Disneyland trip. The wait times seem ridiculously low, and I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong. For example, for May 28 (grad night and Tues after memorial day), it is saying the wait time for Indy at 10am will be 10 min. Looking at Thrill Data, it is nowhere near 10 min at 10am historically. Am I missing something? I did turn off the G+ option just to ensure it wasn’t accidentally thinking I would have a G+. Please help as I love using TP but I feel like the wait times on my current plan are all way too short to be realistic.

Unfortunately TPs don’t work well at DL. TP doesn’t have as much accurate data at DL because not enough people timing & posting wait times. Most people who create TPs use them as a list of rides they want to do & check them off as they ride them. I’m sure others will chime in with good info on how they use them.

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Aw bummer. I wish I knew that before paying for it. I can get a list of rides without paying for the subscription. Would love to hear how others utilize the data in TP, if at all.

Thanks for responding and confirming my suspicion that the data isn’t accurate!

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I subscribe more for the Chat function on the app and this Forum. Able to get great advice for other Liners. Plus always fun reading trip reports.


Our first DLR trip is coming up this June (yay!) and I also subscribed without realizing that the Touring Plan function is nowhere near as effective there as it it is for WDW. That said, I don’t regret adding DL to my subscription and am actively reading the Chat in the run-up to the trip, plus I also made some Touring Plans even though I know the wait times are inaccurate - I love the map at the bottom of the plan, which helps me visualize my day (especially my rope drop plan). From what I’ve read on the Forum and Chat, the good news is that you just don’t need as precise of a master plan in DL as you do for a first WDW trip, especially if you’re planning to buy Genie +.


I wish more people posted wait times. I think its fun! :blush: I just posted times most the day on Wednesday and Thursday. For 11 years I’ve been a Liner and I’ve never once made a TP so I’m not sure how that works but I find that even though wait times might not be totally accurate to the minute they are usually within a 5 minute difference. And in some cases wait times are less than what touringplans and Disney post. Keep those timers out! :rofl: :heart: :blush:

I try to post wait times but sometimes forget to turn off the timer. My last trip I forgot to turn it off until I got home the following day. Didn’t submit that one. :blush:

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I usually forget to start the timer at WDW, but on our first trip to DLR I timed almost everything. For some reason it was easier to remember on that trip.

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This is a better indicator of actual wait times. Before Covid the Disney posted wait times were much worse than TP. Now, it’s opposite. I find Disney’s posted times much closer to actual than TP, who have been consistently under estimating waits.

The benefit of TP is the experience of Liners here.

A couple of questions I’ve been wrestling with that relate to this at least in part:

a) Can the waits reported on the Disneyland app Tip Board be relied on more than the TP autoplanner? I can definitely believe the ATPs may not tend to be accurate (particularly for DLR, with less data to work with) - but some of the replies here also point, understandably, to the wait time & return window data reported on the Disneyland Mobile app - so how reliable do folks find those numbers to be?

b) What about the times for the Indiv. LL rides (RSR, ROTR)? If the Tip Board shows these as being available to purchase most of the day with nearly immediate window start times, is that what’s really the case in the parks? The Tip Board is showing far SHORTER waits via ILL than the TP ATP predictions. At least one of these isn’t giving me a picture reflecting the likely “ground truth” - what are people observing in real world experience?

c) sort of related as well (a DL app question but again, people here have made reference to the app: it’s pretty clear what is meant when the DL app lists a wait time, but what if it just says “available now”? Should I assume that means the same as wait time = 0 minutes? Or is it just that the ride is (probably) operating but doesn’t have data to post yet? I see it in situations that seem to possibly vary.