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5 of us going in Feb.: DH, myself, DS, DGS 9 and DGS 6. We will be getting a DAS for DGS9. We have 5 park days, 2 at MK and 1 at each of the other 3 parks, with a day at Sea World and a day with a few hours at Crayola Experience. I’ve tried to incorporate both FPP and DAS into the plans. Rides where we’ll be actually using aa FPP have ***use FP in the notes. The others are dummy FPPs just to get an idea of how long our wait will be at the return time.

Day 1 at MK




Day 2 at MK

I think these look pretty good. You’ve obviously put a lot of effort into thinking things through and making plans. The wait times seem reasonable and there’s not too much zig zaggy walking. A few thoughts: not sure what kind of special needs dgs9 has but two things that were challenging for people in our party with sensory issues were enchanted tiki and it’s tough to be a bug. So if that’s a concern, maybe watch a video to see if it might work. Also, I saw that you have lunch at Epcot as getting food from carts around, but keep in mind there’s not a lot of seating. We found food and wine eating booths really challenging with kiddos, who like to/need to sit to eat. You have a lot of our family’s favorites. Have fun!

Thanks for the input. For some reason the 3D and 4D things are a big hit with him. Guess that’s why they call it a spectrum. I’ve had trouble figuring out lunch at Epcot since we’ll be over by Test Track and there’s no counter service places over there. My thought was grab a quick something or maybe just bring something to tide them over until we get up to the American Pavilion. If they want to call it quits after Test Track then we can get lunch at Sunshine Seasons (yuck) or someplace else.

What does DAS mean?

And what does DH, DS, DGS mean?

I always read it as “Disney” whatever - others go with “Dear”. But that leaves:
DH = Disney Husband or Dear Husband if you prefer…
DS = Disney Son
DGS = Disney Grandson

I think DAS in this instance is the Disability Access Service Card…Lacking context I was thinking Disney Adult Son, but scrolling up, that was a bad guess.

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I never thought to use Disney for the D. It’s very common on many discussion boards (cruising, finance, pyro) to use such abbreviations for Dear Husband, Dear Wife, etc. Often people also put the age of the child, such as DS7.

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Thanks. There are so many posts with initial shortcuts and often I am clueless. Sometimes I can figure it out from context, but I was wondering if there’s a cheat sheet somewhere with all the shortcuts. :slight_smile:

Here’s a list I’ve seen others recommend: .

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That’s perfect. I can breathe again and not waste my time trying to decipher all of these messages. Thank you!