TP Opinions please - for MNSSHP 10/20//15

Hi All! We went to the Christmas party last year and I have to say I wasn’t impressed. But I had a bad plan that just didn’t work. Fast forward to this year - going to Halloween party on 10/20. Here’s my plan. Can you comment and tell me what you might change?

It’ll be myself, DH, DS6, DS(turning4 while there), and DD2.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @FKHamer! You will need to go into the “Edit” section at the top of the plan and check off the “Publish” box, and then save it. We can’t view the plan unless it’s published :smile:

So sorry. I published it. Thank you.

Hmm it might not have saved. Do you want to try again? I still can’t view it :frowning:

Sorry it’s such a problem. Thanks!
Try this one.

No problem, I can see it now!

Looks really good! You’ve got the dance party (although there’s a second dance party in Frontierland, are you wanting to check that out?), you have specialty M&G’s, you’ve got time for trick-or-treating. That’s pretty much all the big stuff covered :smile:

I’m curious why the Headless Horseman is listed after the parade? He leads the parade, usually by about 10-15 minutes

I don’t know the TP put it there. But we’ll already be in place so it won’t matter.

Thanks for looking. I’m nervous about it since our last party was so frustrating. And we basically didn’t do anything but meet A&E and watch the parade.