TP not using FP for ride at the same time

I have a FP for Peter Pan at 3:55 and my personalized TP is having me arrive at Peter Pan at 4:11 (within the FP window) but still saying it’s not going to use the FP! Makes no sense. Similarly, on a completely different personalized TP I saw where the longest wait times were and decided to get a FP for stories with Belle to avoid the 30+ minute wait. After I secured a FP for very close to the time on the original TP and entered into the TP, it decided it doesn’t want to use it! It has us arriving at 3:30 for Belle and waiting 33 minutes, but I have an “unused” FP for 3:50. I don’t understand why the system is ignoring my FP’s.

E-mail explaining the issues and giving them the plan URLs. They should be able to sort this out quickly.

FWIW my guess is that you have the FPPs entered as AM, not PM. This is often the cause of this type of problem.

Doh! That was the exact problem! Both those FP’s were marked as AM and I never noticed. Wow, I wish I had posted hours ago. :wink: Thank you for pointing out my error! This is my first time using this system. I think it’s great if I can just figure it out!

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