TP & Kenny Crowed Levels discrepancy


Narrowing in on my park days and getting ready for FPP selection day and I noticed that Kenny the Pirate has a day that TP lists as a crowd level 4 (the lowest during my stay) as a Worst park day. Any idea why that could be? I’m looking specifically at 4/17 for AK. I had planned on doing AK on Monday (4/16) and MK on Tuesday 4/17 but now think I may switch it. Even though I know Monday’s are bad at MK but it gives us more hours since my kids are 4 and 7.


Not really sure how KtP determines his crowd levels and Best/Worst recommendations, so it would be difficult to say why there is a difference. I guess I trust TP’s predictions over any other service, in that they are the most transparent about how they do their predictions and they review how they did each day.


AK is listed as worst park on KTP due to EMH on 4/16. He always lists EMH days as worst. Not sure about 4/17. Crowds have changed since FOP opened. Go with what you think will work best for you and your kids and have a good plan in place.


I don’t have an answer but we are going that week too. :slight_smile:
We just decided to switch our AK day to later in the week given our travel agent’s “you do what you want but EMH days are nuts” lecture and - in particular - trying to boost our odds of a FOP FP+ if we do later in the week.

Little Nervous too about MK on a Monday but TP has it rated only one point worse that day vs most others that week I think.


Also remember that having a good TP is more important than CL. Without a good plan even a low crowd day could be unproductive.


Exactly. I planned a trip where most days were supposed to be 4-5. I followed the plans to a T and everything went great. When I came back, I double checked and the crowds were estimated to 7-8! And we did not even notice. Follow the plans!


I just get a little nervous since the only time we’ve been to WDW is on crowd 2 days so this will be a big bump up for us. I just think more time in MK may be worth it. Granted, we don’t do late nights b/c of the kids, but a 6pm close time cuts us a bit short. We usually can hang until 8, especially if we go back to the hotel and take a 1.5 or so break (staying on monorail)