TP isn't listing arrival time at ADR correctly

We have an 8:05 ADR for CRT which I put it into the touring plan. The TP is listing our arrival as 8:13. Any idea of why it’s doing that? And how I can fix it?

Hmm. Is your arrival time correct in the TP? Can you post a link to the TP? (You’ll have to make it public.)

Click on the ADR in your plan. It may be set with the correct time but with a “flexability” of 10 minutes. I believe that is what is put in automatically when you enter it. If you change it to 0 minutes that may work.

It may also be estimating your arrival time based upon how long it thinks it will take you to walk from your previous attraction (or rope drop, depending).

The arrival time is listed correctly. Before I link to the TP, a note: it has two days worth of MK attractions. I have to decide which to keep in day 1 and which to move to day 2. I know the overall plan is a total mess and that there’s no way to fit all that into one day!

Here’s the link:

It does have a 10 minutes of flexibility noted - how do you make that zero? I don’t see a zero in the drop down box.

It’s on a day that the park opens at 9. My understanding is that the CM will let people with earlier ADRs in 15 minutes or so before their ADR, so I imagine that I’ll be at CRT at 8:05.

Sorry, your right there is no shorter option.

You can’t make it 0

You could try inserting am in-park Break at 0800 for 1 minute as a placeholder but given the park hours are 0900 I am not sure it will let you. I think the workaround you have inserted (67 minutes v 75) is your best option.

Okay, thanks! Tweaking the duration to “make up” for the late arrival time is not an elegant solution, but it’ll do. If anyone else has an idea of how to convince the software that I’ll be there at 8:05, let me know.

It’s a common “flaw” with the program. It generally always has you arriving at the first location of the day much later than you know you will. The in-park break is the best workaround, but your workaround is good too and provides the same essential effect.

My only other guess is, did you hit evaluate or optimize? Evaluate will keep the order in which you entered them. However optimize will not let you have entries beyond the plan hours.

That was an insightful idea. Unfortunately, even after hitting “evaluate” the arrival time is still wrong. Darn. Thanks for the idea, though! Definitely worth trying.

How about if you drag the BOG to be right before the Carrousel then hit evaluate. That should put it in the right time frame.

It’s not going to do that if the park is not open, which it is not.

The BOG reservation is for 5pm, so i think it should

Oops I thought we were still talking about the pre-rd CRT. Sorry!

Yes, i should have clarified. You will have no problem get to CRT on time. I was just noticing that there was a BOG reservation for 5pm but it was in the TP for 11:01.

It’s also worth noting that if you have a huge plan that you might need to hit optimize 3-4 times to get the best results. I believe to lessen the load on the servers the optimize times out after a certain time. So the first few times they recommend you hitting optimize again to get through the whole plan.

I’m not worried about BOG. I need to shift a bunch of attractions to day 2. Once the day isn’t so overpopulated, I expect that BOG will shift into place.