TP Glitch?

@Lentesta I’m having problems with my touring plan for MK. We are visiting on Friday, May 13th & park hours are 9am - 12am. I can’t start planning correctly because it keeps insisting the Welcome Show is at 7:50am. Am I doing something wrong? Can you help?

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I would email the link to .

Thanks - wasn’t sure what I should do first, didn’t want to bother him if I was missing something on my end. I just email him.

I do not think you missed anything, it does look like a glitch.

Aren’t Friday mornings EMH at MK now?

Not according to their website/MDE and any of the crowd calendars. Even TP has it listed as 9am. Have I missed an announcement somewhere?

It doesn’t matter if there are EMH, your plan starts at 9 so it shouldn’t be starting at 7.50. Definitely a glitch.

Sounds like a great day. I noticed it’s actually giving you a 60 minute wait for your first ride, so it knows the ride doesn’t open until 9am. So your plan may not be as off kilter as you think.

By the way, and not related to this problem, but I’m a big Carousel of Progress fan, so I’ll ask… why do you have the Carousel of Progress in your plan twice, one immediately after the other? Is it because it’s a nice resting place, as well as a nice ride? My DH always likes that ride for the nap he takes. I don’t care, though, as long as he comes with me and doesn’t snore.

Honestly I’ve hardly looked at it. I was trying to come up with a plan and they were all awful. Kept giving me 45+ minute breaks in between and then not fitting many rides in the plan. We were supposed to go to WDW back in July but had to cancel the trip. I still had the plans there so I just copied over July to this trip and changed the date to see if it would work better.
I didn’t plan on riding it twice, and it wasn’t in our July plans twice - weird!
I like it, but it’s not a must do for us because we only have 1 day at MK.
Also, since trip was originally planned for July and I will have my almost 80 year old mom with us I wanted to get her in air conditioning as much as I could:)

I’ve emailed @len but I’m still having major problems trying to make an MK plan for this day. Is there anyone else that can help?
For instance, because it thinks we have over an hour wait for SM due to the conflict with the park open times it won’t allow me to schedule another FP because it thinks SM is the best choice. So frustrating!

I’m looking at this now. Yeah, it’s weird. I suspect there’s something that we think is starting earlier than 9 AM.

For some reason, I didn’t get the “lentesta” notification. “len” seems to work.

Yeah, it’s a bad park open/show time. I’ll ask the devs to fix it. Shouldn’t take too long.

Thank you! In the meantime I removed the welcome show from the TP and it seems to be okay.