TP for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party?

Anyone have a TP for MNSSHP?
I wasn’t crazy about the pre-programed TPs. We are going with a 2 year old girl who is too young to care about Trick-or-Treating. (Plus she doesn’t need a sugar overload!) This will be our second day at MK.
We’re just going for the party. Starting at 4pm.
We want to concentrate on character meet and greets, dance parties, shows and parades, Cadaver Dans, and of course the fireworks show.

When I put my TP together for MNSSHP I put in “meals” for my character meets at restaurants near the meet.

If you want a good spot for the parade I would plan to find a spot 45-60 minutes beforehand.

Out general plan was rides from 4-8, eat dinner, line up for the parade, watch 1st parade, stay put and watch fireworks, then we zipped over to meet Moana. Then we rode rides until midnight.

WDW prep school has character meet info. Kenny the Pirate does too, although he requires a subscription.


The dance parties are uncrowded, so I would fit those in whenever you’re in the area. The character meets have long lines, so I would prioritize one or two for the night.

The Descendants dance party was super crowded the night I was there (9/24). The Monsters Inc one was not crowded at all though.

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