TP for Different Rides at Same Time

I am in the processing of finalizing touring plans for a party of 10. How do you handle situations where you are not all riding the same rides? For example, 6 of us will be riding RNRC while the other 4 do Little Mermaid at HS.

I test two TPs (for example, one with RNRC and then a different one with Little Mermaid) and see which attraction takes more time at the time of day I want to ride. Then I use that attraction in my TP and make a note at that step that X,Y,Z ride RNRC, while A, B, and C do Little Mermaid. Hope that makes sense.

As far as I know, there is no way to divide the TP.


That makes sense. I was just hoping there was an easier way. I already have two TP set up for each day (one group is taking a mid day break and the other is not). Was trying to avoid needing more!

I don’t make separate ones, I just add a note but I also don’t travel with 10 :wink:

I do make two separate plans. Sometimes wait times change, and I like to be able to hit evaluate without adding and deleting attractions to make sure that the plans still work well as our departure date approaches.

Planning for a party of 10! Wow! My hat is off to you. I have a hard enough time planning for a party of 5 :slight_smile: