TP Feedback Request - January AK, HS, & MK

Hello all! getting ready for our first trip in a couple of weeks and was hoping for some feedback on my touring plans. Thank you in advance for any support, advise, or criticism!

1/27 - Arrive at PORS. Explore & dine in Disney Springs.

1/28 - Disney’s Animal Kingdom

1/29 - Disney’s Hollywood Studios

1/30 - Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park

1/31 - Check out, eat @ T-Rex & drive to Dinosaur World

What sort of group are you traveling with? All adults? Kids?

2 adults and DD9

On your HS day, try to move up your Star Tours FPP to immediately follow your others so you can open up same day FPP earlier in the day. It’s tougher to do with Star Tours but keep checking and something should open.

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HS plan: it’s hard to believe there will be no wait to see Vader. Depending on time you might have to skip

MK plan: It looks like you are doing EMM, I wouldn’t waste your valuable time with “It’s a small world” (it’s 15 minutes long). I would try to ride SDMT/ PP/or Winnie the Pooh ride twice.

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I’ll keep checking. Thanks!

I was thinking the same thing, but we’ve got 16 mins of down time between then and the next item on the itinerary. If it works out, great! If not, we will survive.

Great point! I’ve updated my TP accordingly. Thank you!

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AK plans look great, the wait for NRJ is too long for an underwhelming ride. Especially at the end of the day.

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We were just there this week and for HS I would try to get FP for Star Tours in there right after Slinky. Then I would try to get whatever tier 2 you can get to burn that 3rd FP even if you don’t watch the show. Then you can start picking up same day FPs and do a ton at HS. We had great success doing this with three little kids. Then you can catch Beauty and the Beast later in the day.

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Thanks! We will play this one by ear.

I will keep looking for an early FP. Appreciate the advice!