TP Feedback Please (FPP day is Friday!)

Hi everyone- first of all, thank you so much for all of your help as we have planned this trip. It’s hard to believe but our FPP day is Friday!!! I would appreciate any feedback you might have on the TP I’ve put together. There are a few odd FPP things in there because we will be using rider swap (for rides the girls won’t do we only need FPP for 2 of us).

For background- we are a group of 6 (DD52, DM52, me (29), DH (27), DD3, DD1. This is the first trip for my girls. None of the adults have been to Disney in the last 10 years.

Tues 11/28: land @ MCO 8:35am, lunch @ Chef Mickey’s , afternoon @ MK- see parade, I have FPP planned, but we’ll just go with the flow! Head home when tired to settle into resort & go to bed since we’re leaving home @ 3:30am (TP:

Wed 11/29: Animal Kingdom AM (Tusker House brunch if Ressie Finder pulls through for me), midday break, MK Garden Fireworks Dessert party (TP:

Thurs 11/30: Epcot, brunch @ Akershus, midday break, Dinner @ Via Napoli, then Candlelight Processional, Illuminations if the girls are doing okay, if not then head home early (TP:

Fri 12/1: Magic Kingdom AM, either do midday break or stay in park until 5:00 Cape May ressie (My dad’s only request for the trip so he can eat crab legs lol). I’m trying to get CRT for brunch or lunch this day. (TP:

Sat 12/2: Hollywood Studios, H&V PPO, midday break, dinner @ 50’s PT, Fantasmic (TP:

Sun 12/3: Magic Kingdom, Crystal Palace PPO, BOG lunch, midday break, Ohana dinner, watch fireworks on Poly beach (TP:

Mon 12/4: Freestyle- let my 3yo choose whatever she wants for the day, possible GG @9:30 depending on what she chooses. Back up day to book FOP FPP- if not I’ll probably book FEA again since she’s Frozen crazy." Sanaa @ 2:40, ME pickup @ 4pm

If there are any major attractions, etc that we are missing or any other feedback- please let me know. Thank you in advance for your help!

At EP, you can only get one tier 1 FPP in advance. FEA and TT are both tier 1.

At HS, your FPP times are too close. They have to be at least one hour apart (e.g. 9:30, 10:30, 11:30). Of course as soon as you scan in for one, you can try to look for earlier times for the next one. Same is true for your second MK day.

I think they planned on splitting FPP so half get them for FEA and half get TT, but the times are too close, in any case.

This is what I get for doing this so late! I think I put a FPP in for test track because we are just going to do single rider? And there’s no way to mark that in the TP so it was giving wait times of like 45 minutes. I figured that the FPP wait time would be closer than standby.

Do you have the deluxe dining plan? My biggest comment is that there are a LOT of TS restaurants. Sunday 12/3 gives me some anxiety. We took DS1 and did only 1 TS per day and even that pushed it. I do realize you have your parents so you have a leg up on us. But it’s also a ton of food. You want to go into Ohana hungry!

Also, where are you staying so we can get an idea of the park hopping feasability?

Lastly, child swap takes a lot of time. It’s hard to really grasp before you do it. I didn’t quite dig into your plans, but I would generally plan to do the 2nd “round” of the swap on another day or later in the day. This is more an FYI than anything!

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We are doing Deluxe for one of our two reservations & are splitting the credits (and likely splitting a lot of meals too). My kids are totally fine at restaurants. In a way, I’m planning them as a break- tour for a few hours, sit down, eat some food, then head back out. I figure that we’ll eat 1-2 bigger meals & just snack between if we are hungry.

I know 12/3 is crazy. But it’s when I could find reservations.

We are staying at AKL (Kidani).

I’ve heard that child swapping takes some time. I figure if nothing else we’ll save up the passes and the guys can stay in the park one afternoon while my mom and I take the kids back to the hotel. But I’m not sure how else to plan for this?

I’m going back over everything tonight & hopefully will clean up any mistakes.