TP experts- evaluate my itinerary

We have 5 day park hoppers and plan to concentrate in morning rides and possible hop in afternoons/evenings wherever we feel like going so will try to schedule all FP for morning times so we have flexibility to hop in the afternoons or grab extra FP as the day progresses

11/20- MK late afternoon/evening (arrival day)
11/21- EPCOT
11/22- Thanksgiving- enjoy our resort all day (GF), have ADR at BOMA for T-giving dinner
11/23- DHS (we have ADR at noon for Sci-fi
11/24- AK
11/25- MK

Should I switch the last two days since MK closes at 6pm that night? Any glaring problems with this plan? I am fairly certain it will be an absolute miracle if we get SDD for 11/23 so not holding my breath, but am excited for sci-fi for lunch!

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I was in the same dilemma regarding MK on a 6pm closure day and I decided to switch that day because well we can’t ever get enough of MK and we wanted an additional night there to try and do lots of rides while other people are watching the fireworks. It was indeed a dilemma because the low crowds until mid/late PM that come with such a day were also tempting. Not an easy decision.

I don’t see any issues with your plans in general. The daily TPs are much more important than the actual park vs day decision. The only thing I’d say is that the later in your trip you put DHS/AK, the better your chances are at getting SDD/FOP fastpasses. However, as an FYI, people (including me) recently were not able to get SDD at up to 60+7 I think. In my case, 60+4 was a failure. FOP seems easier (I had zero issues at 60+5).

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What time are you leaving on the 26th? I would actually keep MK on last day because I always want to finish my trip by saying good bye to the castle. Also, if you leave early on the next day, you might to go back anyway to pack.

MK on party nights is so slow and calm, it’s great to do rides. And I would make sure to watch HEA on the first night you arrive.


We are leaving early on the 26th. I was told to avoid AK on the 24th due to EMH in the morning, and MK on the 25th because of the early close. But everything I hear on here points to do otherwise. I think I will just keep it as is and do AK Saturday and MK Sunday. I too was feeling like MK is the best way to end the visit!

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Regarding MK, I think the biggest question is do you want to see the fireworks? And if so, can you see them another night? CL will definitely be lower on a party night.