TP evaluation

Here are my touring plans. 8 people including 4 adults, 2 five year olds, a 2 year old, and an infant. Please take a look and critic them. Thanks







April 30 plan - Have you done any FP research to determine if getting a FP for Jungle Cruise for 7pm is likely?
May 2 plan - Astro Orbiter is out of place Move it down to near the people mover. what happens if you move Ariel up?

I haven’t yet looked at 5/3-5/5. I’ll come back in a little bit.

First off it’s my favorite week to go. End of April into early May is beautiful. Spring break is over, locals still in school, weather is gorgeous and lines are manageable. We also have a 10:30am to Tusker House on our AK day (May 13). Figure we can get breakfast and sample some lunch. However we did the RoL dinning package which gets us reserved seating to RoL and opens up a FP for us. Not sure if that’s an option for you.

Moved ariel up but left astro orbiter where is was becuase it is near tomorrowland speedway and filled a free time gap before fast pass. ROL dining package was full for that time.

5/3 plan - I see you aren’t going over to the Conservation station. If the kids like animals, they will love it. There is a petting zoo, you can meet Rafiki and Chip and Dale over there too! It’s a lot of fun. I wish I had planned more time there last trip.

5/4 plan - Jungle Cruise FP is used here. And I see you have a lot of duplicates from your 5/2 plan. I assume you did that on purpose. Will the adults and the 5 year olds want to do Big Thunder Mt Railroad, Splash Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train? i don’t recall seeing them anywhere in your plan.

5/5 - No Star Wars stuff? No rides for the adults here either. Rock & Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror. You have fantasmic package listed so i assume you are staying for fantasmic.

So much of helping people with touring plans is personal preference.

I see you have 3 full days (with large breaks in them) in Magic Kingdom. You are repeating a lot of attractions. You are also not doing a lot of character meets. I didn’t see Ariel, Pete’s sideshow, talking Mickey. Maybe they are left out on purpose. I would see what I could do about doing 2 full days in MK and then splitting one of the days and doing the other 1/2 day at either Epcot or AK. I think both of these parks are under rated. There is so much to see in Epcot. Also, a ton of characters you could be meeting there as well. Joy & Sadness, Character Spot - Mickey, Minnie & Pluto I think, Baymax. And a long list of character experiences in World Showcase.

We have a lot of animals around the house so I think we can skip conservation station.

Roller coasters are not really our thing that is why we are not going to do them.

We are doing a lot of character meals so that will cover a lot of the meets.

Also, we don’t have parkhopper tickets. I appreciate all of the advice. This is the first trip I am planning and it is a little overwhelming.

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First trips are very overwhelming to plan. You are one step ahead of me when i was planning my first adult trip! I didn’t know Touring Plans existed…I did it all on my own! Make the plan, follow the plan the best you can, but be flexible. You’ll have a great time!