TP EMH trouble- edited

Just want to make sure my info is correct. Frontierland is NOT open during AM EMH (regular EMH after EEMH is over) correct?

My plan is to hit BTMRR at 9AM RD after having done some touring during 8AM EMH so I should be close to front of the pack.

TP keeps putting me at BTMRR before 9AM and giving me 20-40 minute wait times. Link to one of my attempts below. ETA new link that hopefully works.


You are correct, Frontierland is not open during any form of EMH - just Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

I’ve seen the Optimizer do that before. I find it more helpful to use it as a general guide and then re-order + evaluate to give a more acceptable plan. You may also find that adjusting the walking vs. waiting slider gives you an itinerary without the problem.

Is that plan correct? I can’t see any times on it, but you may still be playing with it. My you have a lot of FPPs :slight_smile:

So weird that the times did not publish on the plan. That was the whole point of sharing it. It has me arriving at 8:48 and waiting 34 minutes. Let’s see if this link works any better.

We have MVMCP that evening and I have the party tickets linked to dummy MDE profiles so I could use the FPs. I bought party tickets from Undercover Tourist and they send hard copy RFID cards for the party so I can have the FP loaded on there and leave my Magic Band for my regular FP. Makes for a much better touring day since this is a very short trip and our only MK day. Hope it works!

The optimiser is saying that your total wait time will be shortest by doing that. Maybe add in a couple more rides that will be open during EMH and it will probably move them into that wait time.

Or just move it manually and evaluate to see what the wait times are like.

Thanks. I’m still playing with it overall so I’m sure I can force it to the right timing. Maybe an extra ride on Buzz.

Really wanted to be sure it was closed until 9 before I did all my tweaking. Haven’t had this issue with a TP before so thought I’d better ask.

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That’s better! And exposes another little quirk. It’s giving you a wait time which is the total of the 12m wait to 9AM, followed by the 22m predicated wait time at 9AM as seen here:

You should make it on to the ride slightly sooner than that - but equally, you can add things into that gap so you arrive at 9AM with no impact to the plan.

Ah! Got it! I interpreted it to think the ride had been open since 8am and the line had built up by the time I arrived at 8:48.

Thank you!