TP dashboard question

I am not sure what the best section for this question is. I have my January 1 - 11 trip set up and it shows on my dashboard with my preliminary TP for each day. We are doing Universal/IOA on Tues 1/7. Is there a way for me to get that TP to show on my dashboard for this trip? It seems like the “trip” is based on the WDW reservation and so it only will allow me to add a TP for a WDW park on 1/7. I have the TPs for Universal and IOA, and I can click on them through the “personalized touring plans” section of my sidebar, but it would really be nice to have those plans “embedded” in the trip. Is this possible?

No. You need separate dashboards for WDW and UOR. I just put in the notes on the WDW side that we’re at Universal so everyone knows what’s going on, but my plans are in the Universal dashboard.


Got it! That’s sort of what I was figuring. Thanks!

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