TP Customization Question

Is there anyway to add simultaneous steps to your Touring Plan? For example, if DH and DS want to visit Star Wars Launch Bay while DD and I do Voyage of the Little Mermaid - is there a way to include that in your plan? If not, is the best way to just put one and add a note for the other?

Just put one and add the other as a note. You can’t add 2 steps at once.

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Thanks! That’s what I figured! With thrill ride lovers plus a Star Wars fan, I’m struggling to figure out how we’re going to fit everything in at Hollywood Studios! Definitely not looking like a 1/2 day park for us! Looks like we’ll be having to split some!

For us, HS is the hardest to make a plan for. With the tiered FPP, all the show/event times, and a F! lunch, I can’t seem to figure it all out even with splitting up our group! Good luck.

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We split up a little as I’m not a massive SW fan. We do at least 2 days too, though I realise that’s not an option for everyone.