TP crowd levels vs Kenny the Pirate

So I’ve picked park days on TP crowd levels and I’ve just looked at kenny the pirate and there is quite a difference. What do people use? We aren’t making much use of EMH as toddler isn’t a great sleeper so not sure we’d be there on time so crowd levels are what’s deciding which; days when…

I am NOT at all suggesting I am an expert. At all.
I will say that for our 2016 WDW trip no two places agreed 100% (TP, KtP, UCT, Josh)…
When in doubt, I ended up leaning toward KtP BECAUSE my family strongly loves character meets and those seem to get less attention in other touring plans.


Bottom line is, no matter what algorithms or past history or whatever anyone uses, it is ALL a guess.

And with the Gates of Hades opening August 29, I suspect everything anyone has thought they knew about predicting this stuff is going to be blown out of the water.


Every crowd calendar uses different methodology and different information sources to create their predictions. So it’s difficult to compare. I would say that whatever you do decide to use, stick to that one source for the entire trip, since the ratings may have different meaning based on which calendar you use. In other words, a “3” with TP may not be the same as a “3” with KTP, and so forth.


May be I just stick with having good touring plans and worry less about the crowd levels


You’re learning, grasshopper!


I don’t pay attention to CLs anymore but in the past I have seen that different sites have different guesses as to the CLs. Having a good touring plan really is much more important than the crowd level. Without a plan a CL 3 could feel like a 10.


Indeed. This is everything.


I’ve posted before with links to all my plans, I am just wondering if I need to adjust my days to make more use of morning EMH and switch days around to get more of these.

I’ll have a think about it again

I tell my husband that picking park days is like a big Sudoku game. (The 3 can go here or here, the 9 can’t go here, etc.) I pretty much end up backing into the park days by process of elimination. If you don’t think you can make EMH then I would avoid them. I would try and put HS and AK later in your trip if you are trying to get SDD or FOP fastpasses. If you are going during party season, then you are already limited in which nights have fireworks. If you are going during F&W I would avoid Epcot on the weekends.

I would focus more on those types of things. But if say you can do Epcot on Monday or Tuesday then maybe take a glance at the crowd calendars to see if one is better than another.

For your specific original question, I believe KtP has you “avoid” any day with EMH. But TP relies a little less on that in their calculations.

This is how I’m planning our Thanksgiving trip! I’m struggling though because there are so many events we want to attend that are up in the air…TSL EMM, MK DAH, FEA Dessert Party, SWGE. And we probably won’t know about any of it until after ADR day!!!

in general, I do not rely on any of the other sites’ crowd predictions. The TP CLs do have their flaws, but they are the most transparent about their predictions of the lot. They maintain a history of their predictions and compare them against what actually happened - none of the other sites do this, which makes it hard to say how accurate they actually are.

IMO, the other sites predictions are at best SWAGs which are more or less based on generalities like “EMH parks will be busier” rather than hard data and rigorous analysis.