TP Challenge (prizes will be alloted!)

I’ve been driving myself crazy with planning my Jan 2016 trip. Wondering if anyone is up for a challenge to help this girl out! Like the title says- there will be rewards if I use (in part or whole) your suggestions.
Here are my details and musts:
-Family of 4, DH, DSs 4 and 7 and me
-First family trip all together (I have been many times, I have been with DH 15 years go, I have been with older DS when he was 2, so he has no memories, and first trip for DS 4)
-Trip dates Jan 28-Feb 2, 2016, staying at BLT
-MK on arrival day, starting between 2-3pm, leaving immediately after wishes
-Plan on doing RD until 1 or 2 on other days (we are early risers, and don’t know if kids will last full days- if they do, that will be a bonus!)
-I want to do KTTK tour on the day DH will take kids to AK (either Jan 30 or 31)
-We have a pre-RD CP ADR on Feb 1, our last park day, so that will be a MK day
-I am willing to take 3 half days at MK (first PM, last AM and one other AM), if it means not doing EP, or leaving EP to an afternoon if kids are not too tired
-Meals: I have lots of dinner ADRs booked, all around 5pm. Their locations don’t really matter because I plan to do an go back to resort in the afternoon. We breakfast in the room, and pack lunches to eat on the go.
Is anyone up to the challenge?
Can’t wait to see if anyone is interested! Thanks in advance!

DVC members? If so I would head to the roof for Wishes.

You are only going to be in the park one night for Wishes ( unless you are in a park for dining?)

Do you have park hoppers?

Yes to PH. Not landing to be in parks past 7. Kids are such early risers, so we have to be in bed early!

I think you need a morning at HS. You will need to be at rope drop for Jedi Training Academy sign ups. It may also be interesting to see what is happening in the new Club Disney at that time.

Yes I DO! That’s why I’m having trouble making decisions. The kids LOVE SW, so most definitely need to do JTA.
Which parks on which days, what to do about going to EP, and TP for all the days (especially the MK days!)

I’m going to keep an eye on this thread, as I am going to be at Disney January 30th through February 6th. I am also going with DH and DSs 10, 7 and 4. We are staying at POR. Main difference is that DH and the younger kids are NOT early risers! This will be my main problem the entire trip!

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Maybe I am thick - but what are you looking for in terms of help? A full out TP or just suggestions on which parks to visit on which days? Always up for a challenge, though!!

@Iheartepcot! You are most certainly not thick! I am up for any and all help. I keep thinking and over-thinking this, and was ;looking for insight for others who were up for a challenge! :wink: