TP and Forum Tools/Threads to help you plan a trip

There are a lot of people here and on chat looking to use Touring Plans tools to help them with their trips. I know these links are in multiple places on this forum and I seem to remember possibly posting many of them on a thread recently, but my “search” skills are failing me, so I am doing it again. Please add anything I missed. I am unsure of where to find the best directions on creating a touring plan.

Planning a trip? Download the app and log in with the same password you use for the forum. On the home page there is a link to a ticket calculator that will help you determine the best place to buy tickets. There are also links to all the menus a a search feature to find everywhere they sell your favorite foods, You will also find links to the parks, crowds calendar and “chat”. Post a question in chat and there is usually an almost immediate response!

Planning a trip? Here is a link to blog post on discounted tickets and rooms.

Thinking about buying the dining plan? Here is a link to a blog post about the dining calculator.

Looking for a dining reservation? Set up a search using the Touring Plans reservation finder.

You want a specific room at a resorts? Use the Touring Plans room request directions are here.


Do you need to pack for your trip? This thread may help:

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Looking to make a Personalized Touring Plan and use it to help determine what FPPbreservations to make? This thread may help: Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+

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Panicking and don’t know where to start with all this planning? Read this handy guide: Zen and the Art of WDW Planning

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