TP advice for DHS

Hello everyone :sun_with_face:

I will be at DHS on Sept 4 planning on using the EEMH thanks to our jetlag :airplane:. My TP has me start the day with TSM but shouldn’t I start with SDD :thinking:?

Not necessarily.

Sometimes you save more time, overall, in wait time by doing other rides while everyone else is in line for something else (SDD in this case). If, however, you do SDD first, you miss out on hitting the rides (TSM) when they have lower lines. This means you wait in the SDD line, and THEN hit TSM when the line is now longer (with all the people who have been on SDD and gotten off).

In a more practical sense, it means that you might end up with a shorter wait time for SDD specifically, but you will end up waiting LONGER on the other rides, wiping out any advantage you gained.

TP is trying to optimize wait time across all rides, not just any given ride.

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Try switching TSM & SDD on your tour plan and then ‘Evaluate’.
See what comes up. Hopefully it will clear things up.

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Remember to that TP doesn’t know how good you are about being at the front of the RD pack. So whatever you have your start time listed as, it assumes you are walking in the taps at that time.

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