TP accuracy at rope drop


Curious- I have a custom TP for Epcot with 8am EMH. It shows we won't arrive at Soarin' until 8:25. Does it really take that long to get there?



It is a bit of a walk, but more like 7-10 minutes. I think the 25 minutes takes into account the people who are in front of you as well as the people who had early ADRs that may already be in line before you enter the park.


I have found them to be pretty darn accurate. There are times I look and say "no way". More often than not though, the plans are very close to the times given.


You have to remember that the TP time to get to the first attraction is for the average WDW visitor, not the average Liner. The average Liner will be there well before RD so that he is among the first through the tapstiles, will know where he is going, and will “walk with purpose” to the attraction, and will therefore be there well before the TP estimate. :slight_smile:


Rides are often still being tested at the opening times as well from my experience

Don't think it's a case that the rides always start bang on 8am

Even if the queues start being allowed in


Only known major TP glitch right now is with the Pandora attractions. Predicted wait time is definitely not corresponding with actual time.