Toy Story Mania vs Alien Swirling Saucers FPP

Hi, I’m very sorry if this has already been asked, I searched but couldn’t come up with anything.

We are going from March 8-15 this year. I made our FP this morning and was lucky to get our biggest priorities, but am having difficultly finalizing Hollywood Studios. Am I wrong for getting a FP for Toy Story Mania and planning to wait standby for Aliens? It seems wild because Aliens is the new ride, but every time I look at the suspected wait times TSM seems much longer, so I picked that. Is there something I’m missing?

If it helps I have the TSM FP for Thursday 3/14 morning. Will probably be looking to standby Aliens on Tuesday 3/12 (I have SDD FP for this day as well). Thank you!!

You likely chose well. TSM is a headliner & must do. I’d pick Slinky over it due to the newness but not AS2. Swirling Saucers is new, but is a fairly simple carnival type ride. Fun - want to do at least once, but certainly not a headliner. When we were there Toy Story Land was open less than a month and the waits for AS2 were such we only rode it once, but we were able to do TSM multiple times. In part, that was our choice that TSM was worth doing more than once while AS2 wasn’t. If you can rope drop it, both should be fairly easy to do…

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We haven’t been to TSL yet, but from the ride concepts, this is our thought as well. We plan to RD AS2 and then TSM and later in the morning we have TSM FP.

One thing to consider - Aliens has an outdoor line (though it’s shaded most of the time and has a water fountain IN the line). TSM’s line is all indoors with air conditioning. If it’s super hot, TSM is the line I would prefer to be waiting in!

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TSM is just a much “better” ride, IMO. I think once TSL novelty dies down TSM will command longer lines than AS2, even in spite of the higher capacity.

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Don’t wait more than ten minutes for As2 unless it’s for a smaller kid that REALLY wants to do it, even after you explain that it’s not very good at least 18 times. OR you REALLY like that type of ride.

As someone who waited 5 minutes for it, 10 minutes would be for a first timer. I would skip it if at all possible. Like, I’d hit the bathrooms right across the walkway, or offer to stand in line at Woody’s Lunch Box instead. It’s a little kids’ ride. Like even for WDW, little kids’ ride.

Skip it if possible. You’re better off taking a few good pictures.

What everyone else said. TSMM is worth doing many times. I waited about 25 minutes SB for Aliens and will probably not do it again on future trips unless the line is 15 minutes or less. My daughter chose to wait over an hour SB to get another ride on TSMM when she was 5 years old.

I waited around 30 mins for ASS on Day 2 of TSL being open. I rode it twice during my recent After Hours event.

I think it’s a fun ride. It makes me smile. I love the theming. But it’s very short.

TSMM is more fun and much longer. The line is also much more interesting. And — only mostly, actually — indoors and therefore air-conditioned.

TSL as a whole is pretty brutal when it comes to lack of shade. It’s also visually more impressive at night, as well as cooler.

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We are going March 9 - 16. We (DW and myself) picked one day to go to HS, March 13 and are doing the Disney Early Morning Magic - Toy Story land. We love TSM, and I mean love it. On our honeymoon trip, we were able to ride it, I believe 21 times (long story on that and also my wife beat me all but 1 time and still had so much fun).
My suggestion, is if you are going to do the RD on the day that you have TSMM FP, do the AliensSS first at RD unless you want to ride TSMM more than once (and you probably will). One reason we are not planning on doing AliensSS is because neither of us are into doing spinning rides. Another thing to consider, is if you are going to be there for night time, to try late in the evening. The videos I have seen of TSL at night are wonderful. You might consider riding AliensSS both in morning and night as it gives a different view.

Must. Resist. Snarky. Comment.

I’d waited so long for ASS. When it was finally my turn, I was spun round and round while a crowd of onlookers laughed and smiled, eager to take their turn.

It was such a magical experience that at Christmas I was even willing to pay for ASS.


Maybe next time you should stay at ASSports.

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