Toy Story Mania Twice in a Day

I want to schedule Toy Story Mania twice in my Hollywood Studios plan, once first thing and then one a bit later using fastpass. When I optimize my plan, it puts both of them later and suggests fastpass for both-obviously not a possibility. How do I got about scheduling the first one? And optimizing the rest of my plan?

One way would be to schedule a “break” right at RD and annotate it as TSMM. Then put TSMM in as an attraction to be optimized along with all of your others.

Thanks-how long would you schedule the break for?

It’s hard to say, because it’s a function of CL and how close to the front of the RD pack you are. If you’re one of the first through the gate and “walk deliberately” to TSMM, you could be done in less than 30 min. If you’re near the back of the pack, or detour on your way, you could find a 40 min wait ahead of you when you get there. If I were doing this I’d probably put in 45 min; it’s probably an RD “worst case” scenario, and if you’re done earlier, so much the better.

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Thanks-yeah if it is a 45 min wait we will probably pass :slight_smile: And just do it one time. Thanks for your input

Although it is suggesting FPP for both, the Optimizer has put them in the best position in the plan based on everything else you want to do withour using an FPP. Put in an FPP that will cover one of the times and re-optimize.

For tips on how to work with Optimized TPs and FPP, check out Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+

Thank you-the article was very helpful! I will just keep playing around with it.