Toy Story Lot - Recent Experiences

Has anyone used the Toy Story lot recently? How early do you have to get to the lot in order to make rope drop at DL? Where is the best pedestrian entrance? Thanks a million! This board has been invaluable for post-pandemic planning!

I used the Toy Story lot yesterday. It was awesome! I wasn’t worried about making it to rope drop but wanted to be there early. We got to the TS lot around 7:50, breezed through security, and straight onto a bus. We were walking on Main Street a little after 8 AM.

Personally, I didn’t want the crowds of rope drop and I don’t think you need to do this right now (unless you want to!).

We headed straight to Splash, walk on, rode twice, then Thunder, walk on, rode twice, then Matterhorn, 20 minute wait, Space Mountain was 25 minute wait but only because it broke down (would have been 15 minutes). If you are going before Aug 25 (Magic Keys go on sale) I think it will be a breeze. There were crowds but it was awesome. Get the big rides out of the way in the morning and then enjoy!

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Thank you for answering a question that i had not asked!
I was wondering if rope drop was necessary with the crowds being so low. My family and i are going the next two days where the CL is predicted to be 2 one day and 3 the other.
I also would rather forego the crowds, avoid the anxiety, and arrive at opening as well and it sounds like that may work. Thanks!

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I’ve been keeping an eye on DLR this week… 90% of the queues were less than 15 minutes long - most less than 10 minutes until 10am

After 10am the queue times do jump to 30 - 40 minutes…

It’s a cliche, but the earlier you are at the parks the more you can do without waits / crowds