Toy Story Land

TSL opening 6/30. Just announced.


What the **** is my strategy going to be? I’m there on the 30th, 1st and first half of the 2nd.

No idea what to do!

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Well it’ll be undoubtedly mobbed. So if it were me, I’d go for the Fast Passes when they drop, and if you can’t get any…just do a walk through on your last day. Using the “draw” to your advantage as you tour (i’m guessing) lesser crowded areas or parks on the other two days.

We miss it by 5 days…I’m crushed.

I honestly wonder why they intentionally open this stuff during already busy times. I guess it just makes sense if they’re already 110% staffed, etc, but seems like it is just a recipe for disaster.

We are going to miss it also by a week :cry:.

Without wishing to upset anyone, being there for the first two days is almost worse than missing it altogether.

If you’ve gone before it opens, you know there’s no hope until your next trip. But as soon as I get to 60 days I’ll be endlessly checking for FPPs and constantly changing my schedule and no doubt on the day itself there will be infinitely many people crammed in!

Did anyone visit Pandora in the first few days? What was that like?

We didn’t go within the first few days of opening, but we did go in June last summer. We got FP’s with no problem. Strangely, we could not get FPs for FoP this March. I think the popularity grew after people visited and word got around about how much fun it was. Hopefully the same will be true for TSL and your upcoming trip!

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Doesn’t Disney have soft openings prior to the official opening date? Maybe some folks will get lucky that way?

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Will miss it by a week…

If they use the model they used for Pandora, then there will be numerous “by invitation” (e.g. passholder, DVC, Press, VIPs, etc) events prior to the official opening, but no “public” soft openings. If they use the 7DMT model, there might be several weeks of “soft openings” before the official grand opening. No one knows which model they will use, but if I was wagering on it, I’d go with the former.

I’m reluctant to completely rip-up my schedule, but I’ve swapped two days round and now I’m “free” the whole of the 30th — with dinner at HBD.

I’m not going to rope drop. I’m planning on arriving at 10-11am. That gives me till dinner at 7.45pm to walk round TSL, ride the rides, and do ToT and RnR. That’s around nine hours, with up to three FPPs to do five rides.

Surely that’s enough?

If necessary I can revisit on the 2nd — my departure day — but I lose Future World from my plans if I do that: no FEA, no Soarin’, no Les Halles, no Le Cellier.

I’m right there with you, we arrive on the 30th for 7 nights. I just spent the morning rearranging some dining and other plans. My original HS day was the 2nd, but now I’ve also got the 6th held for HS, depending on when I’m able to score (hopefully) FP. But the 6th we planned on doing Epcot/World Showcase for dinner and Illuminations for our last night, and I’d be kind of sad to part with that. Ugh.

We will miss too, by about 3 weeks. In some ways, I am kinda relieved. I am hoping that maybe a few more folks will postpone trips to July to catch that and the early part of June will be more open.

That being said, I agree with @profmatt that I would rather miss it entirely as opposed to being there for the opening days…

I just hope TSMM is up and running at full capacity during early June. If that ride is down, I may scrub HS entirely from my plan…or at least bring it down to one afternoon…

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I’ll be after it opens, but my FP reservations opens up in June before TSL actually opening…will i be able to book FPs prior to 6/30 or will i have to wait until 6/30 to book?

I agree. We are doing HS on 5/8, one day after they are supposed to cease standby only. I hope it’s (TSM) open.

I think they’ll open up FP booking ahead of time, but not necessarily in time for the 60 day mark.

I think Pandora opened up for FP booking somewhere between the 30 and 60 day mark, so people staying onsite got some but not full advantage.


I booked a trip the week leading into Memorial Day weekend for my youngest son’s 3rd birthday with the hopes that it would coincide with the opening of TSL on the Friday or Saturday before Memorial Day… he loves loves loves Woody so much.

Now I’m pricing trips out for alternate dates. If we wait till after he’s 3 however, our trip price goes up a whole grand. If we wait till fall break of this year (after our 2nd daughter turns 10) then the price of our trip goes up $1700.

The week leading into Memorial Day weekend is by far the least expensive option and will probably be the better of those 3 as far as crowd levels.

I have no idea what to do now.

I was certain this would be open by Memorial Day weekend.

Miss it by 3 weeks…well at least I know now…hopefully tsmm will be up and running by memorial day and we can at least go on that ride. I would have never gone on the spinning ride but unlike the idea of slinky dog. …no 2nd trip for us but we have so much to experience for the first time it might have been overwhelming lol

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I am also wondering about a soft opening as we will be there the week before it opens, leaving on that Saturday. I am bummed since many Disney commentators were expecting a Memorial Day opening.