Toy Story Land Entrance

Hi guys! I’m working on my TP for HS in September and one of the options for attractions is Toy Story Mania! Toy Story Land Entrance. Does anyone know why the entrance has its own step in the plans? Do I need this? Does it take so long to get through the entrance that I have to plan for it?
Thanks a lot!!

I believe it’s just distinguishing between entering through the entrance that is there now or entering through the new toy story land entrance once that is open. What I’m not sure of is whether the current entrance will even be available once toy story land is open. It’s my understanding there will only be the toy story land entrance.

I believe that is the case, the new entrance will be from the new land. I think the TP step is probably just to highlight this to people.

Yes. once TSL is open, the entrance to the ride will be ONLY from the new in TSL; the area where the current entrance is located will be “back stage”. Current strong rumors are that TSL will probably open on Memorial Day weekend, so if your trip is after that I would use the TSL entrance, if before, use the old entrance. But either way, I can’t see it being more than a 5 min difference in walking time - not a very big factor in a TP. ANd for me, any TP made before about 2 weeks out is a “working draft”.

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when i put the new entrance in my TP, we are going end july/ august so should be open by then, it put both in the plan despite me only picking one of them in teh list of attractions, so I think a bit of a blip still in the plan analysis

Thanks everyone! I’ll just remove it from our plan because hopefully we’ll be heading there from breakfast at HV. So we’ll already be in the park. Thanks again!