Toy Story Land Early Open

Heading down on Friday was wondering if anyone knows what time they are letting you in to Toy Story Land at RD? Going to be there Saturday 8/25 with extra magic hours starting at 7am. Have heard they are letting people in before 7am.

They definitely let folks in early during my July trip. Toy Story Land opened a just before 6:35 AM the morning I was there for 7am EMH last month.

If you want to see that morning in absurd detail, then I put together a video -

Hey there!

Saw your video - thanks!

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Hey, great video. That helps a lot. I do plan on getting there early, we are staying at BW and are walking over. Only hitch is we will be at MNSSHP till midnight the day before. Hope they open early for us as well.


We were there in late July and at 6:30 they led us to TSL. EMH hours started at 7 am. They only let people into TSL early–not the rest of the park.

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Compared with mornings in Pandora, it was relatively quiet visiting Toy Story Land. The only trouble is running out of things to do in the Studios in the morning. Even if you want to see the shows, they don’t start until late morning/early afternoon.

Plan is to just spend half a day, ride SDD and TSM a couple of time before my FP’s kick in. We will be back to HS the day in the afternoon

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