Town Square Mickey wait times

I’ve noticed the times for Town Square Mickey seem way under estimated. For my trip in Thanksgiving for my DS4 I’m trying to determine if I should get a FPP. Thanksgiving at 6pm its saying est 10 minutes in my TP. Currently its 80 minutes. Yesterday had long waits as well. Any insight why they are so off and if a FPP is necessary?

Thanksgiving is too far away to be accurate and just now parks are open later so diff length of waits in evening. When parks close earlier queues get lighter earlier. What is the predicted crowd level? and find a similar day to compare against. Your wait times are most accurate about 1-2 weeks out but good enough at 2 months to give you a rough idea of fpp needs.There is 4 months of data still to be added.

Interesting. I was not aware that fluxuations in daily data was ongoing. I assumed that the updates that happen biannually were the only instances were changes happen to my personalized wait times. But this is easy enough to test! I have made daily touring plans months in advance and have had to make addition/subtractions based of attraction closures. I have not noticed changes to wait times, and I’ve checked that for sure. I’ll be sure to re-evaluate all of them when my trip gets closer based on your comment. Thank you.