Tower Terror and more

What are the biggest drops on rides at Disney and what would you recommend to miss for this reason. I went on Tower Terror years ago when it opened but my roller coaster days are over I’m afraid but if we are talking something that last seconds I can manage. Also heard the Harry Potter ride as a large drop???

It’s been about 6 years since i rode the HP castle ride…it was magnificent and overwhelming and wonderful and made me sick as a dog. Ha! It was extremely intense…but I worsened it by leaning out to check on the young kids in our group. I think with head flat against the ride vehicle it would have been better. But I would ride it all over again.

I assume you mean the Escape from Gringotts ride?

I was very apprehensive about it, but wanted to try it. I cannot do roller coasters, but thiis relies more on motion sensors, spinning etc. It is jerky though, and the drop is similar to Kali maybe . It’s the being thrown around that would worry me more. Think Dinosaur with Soarin, and some sudden movements.And you cannot see what’s coming next.

I would do it again, ahead of Forbidden Journey. That one is like out of control Waltzers at a fairground!

I can’ t think of any other disney rides that have a big drop such as TofTerror. Since you’re fine there, you’re all set to ride any others there. You might even want to try 7Dwarfs, since it’s a very mild and a short ride, really pretty cute.

If the 7 Dwarfs is too much of a coaster for you, then they should be off your plan I know.

Splash has a bit of a drop at the very end, might be a little bit more intense that TofTerror, might depend on how each person would react to different kind of drops. It really is a split second one though.

Would you say Tower of Terror is the same drop as Splash Mountain then? I did E/Everest last year and didn’t find that to bad but hated Space Mountain but this time going with my Teenage daughter so she will want to do them all😩

Tower of Terror is a faster drop and higher, although you may not realize how far the drop is due to the ride vehicle and limited line of sight out, plus it has the random finish so you’re not quite sure how often you’ll “bounce”. Splash is a 50’ drop but you see it coming as you go up a big incline and once you fall it’s over once you splash down and may or may not get wet. If unexpected drops bother you, ToT should be much scarier. But on Splash you get more a visual that you’re high and falling into the Briar Patch. So I guess it depends - YouTube ride videos might help in your evaluation…

Thanks for that think Tower of Terror will be a No Noooo. Haha will stick to lighter rides👍

Oh but the theming! Not to complicate things for you, but I hate drop rides… and TOT is my favorite Disney ride in all parks. There is so much more to it and the drop really is just a short part of it at the end. Is it heights or the drop feeling that gets you?

The Harry Potter rides don’t actually have a large drop, but the technology will fool you into thinking they do.

I don’t like the drops I am fine with everything else don’t have motion sickness the only one that got me last time was Space Mountain and I think that was because I couldn’t see if the drops where coming or not.