Touringplans assessment

Just my 2 cents…and I fully realize that for many this service is very accurate; however, for me there were some issues:

  1. Room Finder: a total bust. I requested a certain room but I also submitted a room type (ie., 2nd floor, building number, view type). The CM found that NO requests had been received even though TP stated that a fax had been sent and I was not even close to the building I preferred (I also gave them more than one to choose from).

  2. Park Crowd level: MK was rated as a 4/10 the day I was there. If that was a 4 then a 10 would be back to back people (literally) because it was very crowded.

  3. Ride wait times: Some were pretty accurate; some not so much. I found that there were too many variables that would be outside TPs control. This isn’t so much a complaint rather just a limitation that one should be aware of. For example, weather can make a big difference if people want to go on SM or KRR for example. Also, rides were constantly breaking down, which then screws up your plan. We had 4 major attractions down for most of the day in MK. When that many rides crash, more people will be on the available rides than predicted. When they reopen, all the people with FP+s than return in droves and further mess up the standby predictions.

  4. Minor complaint…I found it difficult to submit actual wait times. In the app I would find the ride I was entering, then select actual wait time (or something like that) and then start the clock. However, then the screen would change and I couldn’t figure out how to go back to the timer and stop it to submit.

Anyway, a lot of good info but these were definite frustrations for me.

  1. Requests are just requests. There have been times when the front end CMs report not knowing about the faxes. Likely, as they are not the rim assigners. Sorry this was a miss for you.

  2. Crowd levels are based on wait times for select attractions, not on the number of people in a park. Thus it could be packed with people and the crowd level (relatively) low and (though less likely) it could be devoid of any people and be a higher crowd level. “Crowd level” is a bit of a misnomer in that way. It is what it is.

  3. True about other uncontrollable and immeasurable factors impacting things.

  4. This is a little tricky. Or seems to be until you get the hang of it. Thanks for trying.

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I have used the room request in the past and found they did have it. last trip they even remarked on the room I requested would be available but later in the day ( it was noon), did i want to keep that request or take one available now.

Also, a 10/10 can be wall to wall people - i experienced this over Xmas. One caveat to the crowd levels that stands out is epcot during food and wine, wait times can be lower in future world but world showcase packed with people drinking and eating around the world.

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If you are curious about the CL, check out the historical data for your day to see. I know I’m always curious after to find out how close the prediction was.